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That's me!

Hi! My name is Melody. I was born and raised in Tennessee, but I migrated north to Michigan in 2015. I prefer my coffee with cream and rainy days.


You can probably find me in a local coffee shop or browsing the aisles of a bookstore! I love travel, yoga, and hiking. If I'm not snapping pictures or editing photos, I might be writing or painting.


I studied film production in college, and then gained experience working on projects for HGTV, the Detroit Medical Center, and The Weather Channel. Now I use the skills I learned in editing, directing, and cinematography to direct photoshoots and create beautiful, high quality photos.

I specialize in helping you feel comfortable and actually enjoy having your picture taken! How do I do this? It's a combination of several factors:

  • I come prepared with tons of flattering, easy, not-awkward poses that I'll walk you through step by step. I will tell you exactly what to do with your hands, don't worry!


  • I provide lots of (truthful) encouragement and positive vibes! I will be your hype woman, tell you how fantastic you look, and then prove to you that it's true.


  • Lighting, baby! I'm going to put you in the most beautiful, creamy, erases-all-your-flaws and makes-your-skin-glow natural light.

Behind the scenes: Posing
Behind the scenes: Taking the photo
The final image!

Creamy, soft, flattering light and a beautiful, authentic smile!


You can check out my packages and pricing right here. If you have questions, contact me here. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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