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Botanical Gardens

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The Matthaei Botanical Gardens are a lovely collection of a variety of gardens. I especially love this location for children! There's a whimsical garden here called the Children's Garden that is absolutely perfect for photographing little ones while they play and have fun. (See photos below!) 

Please Note: Matthaei Gardens charges a fee to use the space for professional photography. The rates are below. Feel free to contact me with any questions! 

Location Fees:

Senior Photos & Individual Portraits: $35 per individual.

Family Group Portraits (up to 16 people): $100 per family group.

Please Also Note: This location is in the same area as the Matthaei Conservator(which is indoors.) The location fee covers all of the outdoor gardens as well as the indoor conservatory, so if you choose this location we can also take pictures inside the conservatory!

The Children's Garden at

Matthaei Botanical Gardens:

Other Garden Areas at

Matthaei Botanical Gardens:

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