Tips for Choosing Outfits:

For starters, take a look at my outfit Pinterest board for tons of ideas!

What you wear for your photo shoot is very important! Your outfits can make the difference between good photos and INCREDIBLE photos! Read on for 6 tips to choosing the perfect clothes for your photo shoot.

          The overarching principle to keep in mind when you are choosing your outfits is this: You are trying to create a cohesive, pleasant environment that fades into the background so that the most important thing stands out: Your beautiful faces and smiles. Just like you wouldn't want a telephone pole sticking up through the background, because it would be distracting, you don't want someone wearing a bright, loud garment or really extreme makeup, because it is distracting.


          It's counter-intuitive because in every other decorating endeavor, we tend to follow a "choose-a-neutral-color-with-a-bright-pop-of-color" approach - such as when decorating your living room, or choosing the colors for your wedding, or choosing your date night outfit. But when you're having professional photos taken, your smiling faces should be the "bright pop of color" so to speak - and everything else should fade into the background.

1. The nicer your clothes look, the nicer your photos will look! When in doubt, lean towards dressy over casual. However, always consider the location - don't wear high heels if you're photographing in a field! 


2. Go for soft, neutral colors over loud, bright colors. For instance, choose pine green over chartreuse.


3. Stay away from logos, images, and patterns! For the most part, this includes things like tie dye, camo, polka dots, stripes, and chevron. However, there's always an exception to the rule, so if the pattern is subtle enough, it might be okay.

Workout shirt vs. Cashmere 

4. The fabrics make a difference! If you choose high quality, soft, touchable fabrics, it will show in the images.

5. While we're talking about fabric, here's a pro tip that I've picked up during my photoshoots: Really thin, stretchy fabric will show everything - and not necessarily in a good way.  Wearing a shirt or an entire dress made of very thin, very stretchy fabric (you know the kind I'm talking about) will leave you with bra lines and panty lines showing all over the place in your photos. Plus, you might not feel very comfortable during your photoshoot!

6. Which leads perfectly into my next point - wear clothes that you feel comfortable in! I don't mean that you should wear sweatpants, but what I do mean is that if you have to spend the entire photoshoot pulling and tugging at your clothes, you're going to feel miserable. If you've got a bunch of stuff pinned and taped in place, you're going to feel stiff and awkward and it's going to show in the photos - and worst of all, you won't have much fun!  

7. Short skirts have the advantage of being really cute, but if your photo package includes  multiple outfits, consider bringing at least one pair of pants. This is because pants give you way more posing options! Think sitting cross-legged, hugging your knees, and perching on logs/fences/stairs.



8. Think about the colors of the location where you'll be photographing - if it's the middle of summer and you're photographing in the woods, you may not want to wear green. If you're photographing in front of a red barn, you may not want to wear red.


9. DON'T have everyone wear white t-shirts and blue jeans! This is too matchy-matchy. Everyone can wear the same color, but if you do go that route have each person wear a different shade - white, tan, beige - or different textures.

Can we talk about what an AMAZING job this family did with white shirts and jeans?

Looks like a stock photo!

(Probably because it is...)


Just look at all the great texture they have going on! Even Dad's shirt isn't just a plain t-shirt - it's a nice button down. The differing fabrics and textures, as well as the dressy styles, make this family look polished and stylish!

A Note on Makeup:

          Often people like to wear a fuller face of makeup for a photo shoot than they would in everyday life, and this is completely okay and awesome. It's not absolutely necessary, but cameras do tend to amplify little blemishes, like acne. However, there's a misconception that you should do your makeup much darker than usual so that it will show up on camera - darker eyes, darker lips, etc. There's absolutely no need to darken your makeup for the camera! It catches everything without any help, which is why it's going to capture that pimple that no one would ever notice in real life. 


Moral of the story: Fuller coverage - Yes. Darker makeup - No. 

Beautiful makeup! No need to go extra dark.

Breaking the Rules!

Broken Rules: Polka dots, and bright red shoes!


Why it Works:

1. Only ONE person broke the rules - if they were both wearing polka dots, it would look a bit strange!

2. The location is very simplistic, and there's only 3 basic colors in the image - white, black, and red. Her outfit doesn't work as well in a different location. 

3. The colors still go together - they are both wearing black. 

Breaking the Rules:  


         All that being said, there's always an exception to the rule. If there is only one person being photographed, or if you are going for a specific, intentional look, you might find something AMAZING that doesn't fit the above criteria. When in doubt, text or email me a picture! I'd be delighted to help you plan your outfits for your photo shoot with me. And typically, if you're working with me you'll be able to wear more than one outfit, so feel free to bring as many outfits as you'd like to the photo shoot, and we can pick out the best ones together! 

Now that you've read all the tips, check out my Pinterest board for fabulous outfit ideas and examples of good outfit combos! 


Please don't hesitate to contact me with any outfit questions before your session!

I'm looking forward to taking your pictures!