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Enchanting Greenhouse Wedding

Updated: Jan 11

Meet Ella and Ryan, a very sweet and creative couple who have been together ever since they met in art school 10+ years ago! Ella is a jewelry designer, and Ryan is an automotive designer and hot rod builder. Their greenhouse wedding at Goldner Walsh in Pontiac absolutely won my award for my favorite venue of the year! It felt a bit like being whisked away to a quaint little shop in the English countryside. The venue was full of charmingly crooked hallways, mossy stone walls, and endless nooks and crannies.

But before we took the gorgeous bride and groom portraits, obviously we had to do the first look! Keep scrolling to see the incredibly sweet moments at the start of the day, when the bride and groom saw each other for the first time. Ryan even had a surprise card for Ella!

The details of Ryan and Ella's wedding simply blew me away. I was especially enamored with the floral design, which had a wispy, effervescent quality that enchanted me. The effect gave the dining room the feel of a delicate fairy garden. Huge shout out to the incredible floral artist, Zoe Davis. Her Instagram is: @aflowerfromhome

The wedding ceremony was in another one of the many beautiful, sunlit greenhouses at this charming wedding venue. The ceremony was full of laughs and smiles, and to everyone's delight, was only about 5 minutes long!