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Charming Countryside Barn Wedding

This was such a fairytale outdoor ceremony. The day could not have been more perfect for Haley and Jake - the sunlight, the temperature, and every little detail went just right. And their reception was full of so much laughter, tears, and love. They were surrounded by such an incredibly supportive community and family that I teared up a few times while taking pictures.

I absolutely love a bridesmaid first look, and these sweet ladies did not disappoint with their emotional and enthusiastic reactions!

And then, of course, we had the beautiful first look between the bride and the groom!

After the first look, we took a few minutes for bride and groom pictures! I just love all the greenery. And how romantic is that swing?!

And continuing the theme of delightful first looks, we had one more with the bride and her father!

After the bride and her father's first look, Haley and Jake went inside to hide away for the last few minutes before their ceremony started.

And finally, it was time for the beautiful sunlit ceremony!

Following the ceremony, it was time for family pictures and wedding party pictures!